Runners clothing, activewear for your careers that give you freshness when running, jogging or walking, no matter if you are running professional, or just like to walk for health, Bakkuk designed for you.

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This sport garment can be used to play any sport. It is light and allows extreme movements or any yoga posture. Its semi-fitted silhouette gives a feeling of freedom especially in the abdominal area, thanks to its loose fit. Basic sleeveless top with deep plunge neck and athletic back. Semi-loose silhouette. Ultra smooth and light fabric. IDEAL FOR...
Its tight sport silhouette and lightweight fabric make it an ideal garment for running, practicing bikram yoga, performing inverted yoga poses and performing any movement during the dance. For its ease to wash and dry, it is a practical and light garment, ideal for passionate travelers and lovers of sportswear. Top sisa sleeve, round neck and athletic...
Ideal for running and training in the gym. The straight silhouette gives you freedom of movement and the patches of breathable fabric will keep you fresh while running or working out in the gym. Short-sleeved V-neck shirt, ideal for any bust type. Breathable fabric patches. Loose, straight silhouette for more comfort. IDEAL FOR RUNNING
Its design makes this sport garment the ideal companion to go to the gym, your yoga or your dance classes. You can wear this garment with a sports top below for your exercise days and continue using it all day. Blouse with round neck and wide silhouette Zone with breathable patches, perfect for going to the gym IDEAL FOR BEFORE AND AFTER THE EXERCISE

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