Terms and conditions of use

Its contracting party is BAKKUK, under the legal representative (Andrea Acevedo Martínez), Company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, identified with NIT. # 1039446791-5 and with Commercial Enrollment No. 00180147 of the Envigado Chamber of Commerce.

When do these delivery terms apply?

These Terms of Delivery apply to all offers and contracts related to the sale and supply of products by Bakkuk. When you make a purchase on our digital commercial platform you are accepting the Delivery Terms during the order process. It is only possible to change these Terms of Delivery if Bakkuk expresses your agreement in writing.

Price Policy

The offers on our Website are without obligation and do not bind Bakkuk, which will not be bound by manifest errors of transcription, mistakes in promotional descriptions and other statements in the offer and in our Web site.


Bakkuk will deliver at the address within the Colombian territory, it is only possible to deliver in a direction that is a address of the address or office within the municipalities contemplated in the selection option Of direction. Deliveries will be made on business days, except holidays. If you request that Bakkuk deliver the order to various destinations, Bakkuk may charge you extra delivery costs. Each individual shipment shall constitute an independent contract. If Bakkuk is late in delivering a shipment or one of the shipments is incorrect, this will not entitle you to cancel any other shipments. Delivery periods are indicative and therefore are not strict deadlines. Exceeding a delivery period will not give you any right to compensation. To do this, a notification of non-compliance should be sent to Bakkuk.

Options in case of purchase problems

If Bakkuk finds out before signing the contract that it can not supply the products ordered, it will be able to offer an equivalent product in terms of quality, price and function. You will not be required to accept the replacement product. If you wish, you can return it within 30 days and Bakkuk will bear the costs (obviously, there will still be a cancellation or refund right). If Bakkuk discovers after signing the contract that he can not supply the products ordered and is not responsible for this situation, he will be entitled to terminate the contract. Naturally, Bakkuk will immediately inform you and reimburse you for the payments you have made.

Electronic Billing

By purchasing the adidas.co website implicitly, the CUSTOMER, freely and voluntarily agrees to receive and pay on the respective due dates, electronic invoices originated from the purchase of articles To Bakkuk, and I hereby authorize Bakkuk to publish the invoice for the sale of items purchased by the company that is mentioned as an acquirer in this document.

    • The customer accepts the invoice by electronic means and this exempts Bakkuk from making a physical shipment.
    • The electronic invoice delivery will be available for your service as of the date.
    • The customer accepts that it will only be invoiced electronically, except in cases of contingency plan for technical damages in the systems where a manual invoice will be delivered.
    • Each invoice issued by Bakkuk complies with the requirements established by the DIAN, so that before any claim applies the same procedure of solution to Petitions, Complaints and Claims contacting directly its assigned commercial executive.
    • The client acknowledges and accepts that it is his responsibility to have the active e-mail service reported for this purpose.
    • Acceptance of the invoice, will be understood with the notification of received or read of the electronic mail of reference of the invoice for all the legal effects

Right of return

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