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Bakkuk, yoga activewear looking to buy yoga activewear in Bogotá, find the best activewear offers in Bogotá, Medellín and all Colombian cities.

If you practice Yoga at home, attend sports yoga classes, or simply take small yoga sports courses online (yoga for beginners), we invite you to see our activewear specialized in this practice; Facilitating the realization of basic postures of yoga or Asanas, giving you the greatest sporting comfort so that you find a balance between body and soul. We create activewear that combines technology and design, seeking equilibrium with our surroundings in order to achieve an optimal physical performance, while taking care of the body and mind.

That the power of the body is a reflection of the tranquility of the soul is the essence of Bakkuk, activewear for beginners, for yogis, for you sporting woman, for all; Our activewear is of excellent quality, hand in hand with the design and the social and ecological conscience with which we manufacture them. More than a brand, Bakkuk and its activewear is a life commitment and this is why our yoga pants, running tops, gym shorts, dancing tops and other activewear are designed to offer you wellbeing for the Body, well-being for others and well-being for the environment. We provide high-tech activewear (EMANA®tes and other technologies) made in Colombia, with social and environmental responsibility. We create Activewear (activewear) of optimum performance for yoga, dance (dance) and for running.

¿Who do we design for? For those who are passionate about exercise, for people with a sporting life and a healthy lifestyle, for those who are just starting out in the world of yoga, for those who already know and practice Bikram yoga, hot yoga, Acroyoga or anyone from associated sports disciplines; For those who practice Pilates, like to go jogging, jogging or just doing a sports walk for health. For people looking for activewear offers for yoga, people looking for activewear promotions in Bogota and offers of activewear for yoga in Medellin.

¿Do you like to dance? We also design for you, whether you do freestyle, attend dance classes, ballet or to be comfortable while you exercise with our sports clothes with EMANA®ting technology.

You will always look good anywhere with our Bakkuk activewear, at the gym, at home, on the street, in yoga studios or wherever you want to wear our activewear.

Activewear that you feel comfortable in, however, if you want to do inverted poses or a bit more complex poses we recommend a Bakkuk activewear that are fitted to the body, well, you will always be comfortable doing any yoga posture.

Some Bakkuk activewear are designed to give you freshness while practicing or doing Bikram yoga or hot yoga, because they handle the high temperatures in this practice, our recommendation is that you wear comfortable and lightweight activewear, special sports tops For Bikram and shorts from our line for yoga.

If you are looking for activewear, yoga pants, comfortable sports clothes for running or accessories for exercise, Bakkuk gives you this and more; Allowing you to buy online and deliver it at the door of your home, with free shipping if you buy two or more garments*.

If you are a beginner or a professional yogi, do not worry, Bakkuk is for you; You can start by doing yoga classes online, or yoga for beginners at home, the important thing is to find a quiet place to practice. It is never too late to learn, the idea of practicing yoga is to find a balance point rather than being perfect in your asanas or postures. The important thing is that you find the balance of the soul and the harmony of the body through exercise.



accesorios para yoga

Running Water

Its tight sport silhouette and lightweight fabric make it an ideal garment for running, practicing bikram yoga, performing inverted yoga poses and performing any movement during the dance. For its ease to wash and dry, it is a practical and light garment, ideal for passionate travelers and lovers of sportswear. Top sisa sleeve, round neck and athletic...
Perfect cover up for the woman who loves to exercise, with this garment you can go to or leave all your sports activities. Ideal garment for going to your yoga classes, going to the gym or doing any physical activity. IDEAL FOR BEFORE AND AFTER OF THE EXERCISE
Activewear's perfect fit allows extreme moves in dancing, yoga, Bikram or Pilates. It is also suitable for casual daily wear. Supplex® is a cotton-like synthetic fabric that gives fresh and comfortable on the skin. Breathable, wrinke free and easy to wash and dry, a must have for travelers. Basic sleeveless leotard with open back and fitted silhouette....
Sports Leggings in EMANA® are the ideal sportswear so you can go to all your gym classes (spinning, crosfit, and more), go to your yoga sessions or go running. Made with EMANA® technology, an intelligent polyamide based yarn containing infrared technology, using the heat of the human body to care for the skin and combat cellulite. Wear with double...
Its fitted silhouette makes this activewear ideal for dancing, yoga and Pilates. Bi-Stretch fabric adjusts perfectly to the body to allow any type of movement. Basic thin strapped top. Fitted silhouette. Breathable fabric patches. IDEAL FOR RUNNING IDEAL FOR YOGA IDEAL FOR DANCE

Bakkuk we are eco, We implement habits respectful with the environment and we try to minimize our environmental footprint.

we areeco
Balance with the environment

We implement habits that respect the environment and try to minimize our environmental footprint.

In BAKKUK we are not only CONSCIOUS, we want to CREATE CONSCIOUSNESS about individual environmental responsibility.

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